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Lamartra publications & resources

Here you can find all our scientific publications, blog articles and deliverables.

Scientific publications

Diversifying deep transitions

Kemp, R., Pel, B., Scholl, C., & Boons, F. (2022), Diversifying Deep Transitions: Accounting for socio-economic directionality; Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions, Volume 44, September 2022, 110-124

A deeper sense of urgency: a plea for responsible exnovation

Pierre Delvenne, Sarah Delvaux, Céline Parotte

How do knots get tied? Ecological goods in environmental markets, the case of aquaponics in Belgium

Sarah Delvaux

Transition ‘backlash’

Pel, B. (2021), Transition ‘backlash’: Towards Explanation, Governance and Critical Understanding, Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions, Vol. 41: 32-34

Lost in the Dual Transition

Pel, B., Fransolet, A., Delvaux, S., Ferreras, I., Barslund, M., Delvenne, P., Lenaerts, K., Calay, V., Parotte, C., Callorda Fossati, E., Bauler, T. (2022), Lost in the Dual Transition: Theoretical, methodological and normative cleavages in Labour/Decarbonisation transition discourse, to be presented at 14th International Conference of the European Society for Ecological Economics (ESEE) , Pisa (ITA), June 14-17

Bridging decarbonisation and labour market in sustainability transitions

Pel, B.


LAMARTRA project description (ENG)

This is a basic description of the project (English).

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LAMARTRA description de projet (FR)

Ce document contient une fiche technique de notre projet.

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D 7.1.1 Bridging decarbonization and labour market in sustainability transitions (state-of-the-art)

This deliverable presents the D7.1.1 ‘Policy review on the foundations of ‘bridging two transitions’ (summary of task 2.2 for a policy audience)’. The report describes the societal context in which the bridging of  ‘decarbonization’ and ‘labour’ transitions becomes urgent. Introducing LAMARTRA reseach questions and the main existing insights and answers regarding these questions, the literature review further addresses the analytical, methodological and normative fragmentation in the (scientific and policy) discourse on the topic. The review concludes with an outline of future research contributions and expected policy recommendations. The key contribution will reside in the development of ‘policy mixes’ that help deal with the ‘dual transition’ challenges.


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