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Bridging decarbonization and labour market in sustainability transitions

LAMARTRA addresses the interlinkages between transition processes of decarbonisation and work & employment.

The low-carbon transition has progressed beyond its initial stages.
Much uncertainty remains however regarding the balanced handling of climate policy objectives, and societal challenges of economic development, social inclusion, and work and employment.

Last scientific publication

Diversifying deep transitions

Kemp, R., Pel, B., Scholl, C., & Boons, F. (2022), Diversifying Deep Transitions: Accounting for socio-economic directionality; Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions, Volume 44, September 2022, 110-124

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Plenary meeting January 11th 2024

Bonno Pel

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Coordination, management and reporting


Towards integrative theory and comprehensive transitions policy mixes.


Mapping the impact of the low-carbon transition on workers


Anticipating low-carbon/labour pathways in salient selected sectors


Engaging with transition politics at the workplace


Data management plan


Valorisation, Dissemination, Exploitation of results
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