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[work package 3]

Mapping the impact of the low-carbon transition on workers.

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Belgium Day for Labour Economists

Mikkel Barslund

Deliverables [wp3]

D3.2 Data request to StatBel

In early May 2022 an application for access to detailed Labour Force Survey data for Belgium was sent to the BelStat. Data access was granted 18 May 2022. A copy of the application follows after this section. Additional data request may follow once we have an overview of what can be achieved with the Belgian LFS (see Annual network report for details).

D3.1.1 Quantitative data analysis and modelling

The purpose of this note is to have a basis for framing discussions within the research consortium on the quantitative analysis in WP3 of the LAMARTRA project. The note describes a number of data sets we suggest using in WP3 (initially, and potentially beyond WP3), where the data come from and how the data sets are connected. One data set does not necessarily map to only one academic study, and it is possible that a data set will not yield an academic study (e.g., if the data cannot support a study for one or more reasons).

Work package 0 (hidden)


Coordination, management and reporting


Towards integrative theory and comprehensive transitions policy mixes.


Mapping the impact of the low-carbon transition on workers


Anticipating low-carbon/labour pathways in salient selected sectors


Engaging with transition politics at the workplace


Data management plan


Valorisation, Dissemination, Exploitation of results
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