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D.4.1.2 Internal research note grey literature related to transitions and change in labor market

This document reports an ‘Internal research note
foresight studies of transitions and change in labour market’. The aim of this WP is to develop desirable low-carbon/ labour futures and the
pathways to reach them, for each of the four cases of the LAMARTRA project, through
the conceptualization and the setting up (and its management) of a foresight
exercise. The ambition of this foresight exercise is to move beyond continuity-based
(Raskin & Swart, 2020), business-as-usual exercises focusing on either the
environmental or the labour aspects and expert-dominated, ‘technocratic’ foresight that
ignores situated experiences, fears and hopes of transitions. By contrast, the foresight
exercise as we see it encompasses both the environmental and labour aspects of
transitions and includes both expert and non-expert knowledge. It also seeks to bridge
quantitative (WP3) and qualitative data (WP4), and to inform consistent and
comprehensive transitions strategies and federal-level policies (cross-sectorial, multilevel
governance, short- and long-term).

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