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Fourth meeting with Follow-up Committee 04/09/2023

All four streams of empirical research are in full swing, and this makes for a flow of empirics on which only preliminary conlusions and hunches can be formulated. Conference presentations can be given, circulation of full papers is a sensitive matter. The meeting focused on proceedings from WP4 (Sarah Delvaux) and from WP3 (Mikkel Barslund),…

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Is ‘Digital Transition’ a Syntax Error? Purpose, Emergence and Directionality in a contemporary knowing-of-governance

Abstract: An important precondition for responsible innovation is the awareness of directionality: Dynamic innovation processes can take different turns, and they involve mixtures of more and less favorable consequences. The ongoing wave of digital innovations exemplifies how this directionality challenges societal actors to develop new strategic dispositions and so-called ‘knowings-of-governance’. Approaching innovation directionality from a…

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