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dr. Bonno Pel

Dr. Bonno Pel is a researcher/lecturer at the Socio-Environmental Dynamics Research group (SONYA) at ULB since 2014. He did his studies at the Universiteit van Amsterdam (NL) in environmental planning (MSc.) and political philosophy (MA). He holds a PhD in social sciences. His doctoral research at the Governance of Complex Systems research group (Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam (NL), dep. public administration) addressed the governance of system innovation in the Dutch traffic management field. His research is focused on the governance and politics of societal transitions. Bonno has studied and published on such transformation processes in areas as diverse as traffic management, the unconditional Basic Income, social enterprises, delta area management, driverless vehicles, sustainable festivals, circular economy, and energy citizenship.

Bonno has formed part of the ULB LAMARTRA team from February 2021 to december 2023.

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