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International Sustainability Transitions conference

a global conference Melbourne/Washington/Stellenbosch + ONLINE


Bonno Pel

On Monday November 21st, the first truly global International Sustainability Transitions (IST) conference took place, spread over different time zones. Bonno Pel represented our project and was happy to present at 11 AM local time.

Our presentation fitted well into an emerging stream in sustainability transitons research: Organizations & industries in transitions research.

The presentation summarized conceptual-methodological-normative reflections of the first 1,5 years of our project.

A key point is that LAMARTRA starts from a concept that is as catchy as it is misleading:

The ‘dual’ transition usefully expresses the need to understand linkages between transformation processes in decarbonization and labour – yet similarly to discourses of ‘twin’ green/digital transition or ‘just’ transition, it also risks to introduce reductionist ideas about the role of labour in sustainability transitions.

The presentation summarizes conceptual, normative and methodological insights.

The underlying paper will elaborate these insights in more detail – specifying how sustainability transitions research can account for work transformations as they are interlinked with other forms of (technological, cultural, institutional, etc.) innovation.


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