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Deliverable 5.1.2 Methodological Protocol

As a part of the LAMARTRA project, WP5 explores how the ecological transition and
labor transformations develop within firms in the Belgian economy and, more
specifically, how workers are involved in these processes. Focusing on salient sectors
previously defined by LAMARTRA, WP5 consists of four in-deep case studies, one for
each salient sector, i.e., metal industry, construction, agriculture, and e-commerce.
Through this multi-case study, WP5’s scientific inquiry aims to identify internal
connections between workers’ participation and ecological transition within firms and
to account for the social conditions that make those connections possible. As explained
in this document, the central hypothesis of WP5 research is that workers’ participation
is a critical condition for ecological transition within organizations. The Methodological
Protocol describes the research design to provide the evidence required for this inquiry.

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